Multiplying Generosity

by Infoglobe in General


Marlena McCarthy (a professional fundraising writer) and her husband Jack Bergmans, (a certified financial planner) want fundraisers to understand the many benefits of using insurance as a tool for philanthropic giving.

Through their company, Bequest Insurance, McCarthy and Bergmans have spoken to countless fundraisers and financial planners about how to integrate insurance products into gift planning to its greatest advantage. In Multiplying Generosity: Creatively using insurance to increase legacy gifts they explore this topic in-depth and translate “insurance-ese” into everyday language.

In an easy to read format, this compact guide provides detailed information on:

  • the benefits of giving through insurance
  • determining if giving through insurance is right for your charity
  • Insurance 101
  • promoting gifts of insurance
  • effectively administering an insurance gift program

Multiplying Generosity: Creatively using insurance to increase legacy gifts

ISBN 978-1-927375-30-3  Civil Sector Press 2015
144 pages soft cover / 5 x 8 in / 200 gr

As a certified financial planner, Jack Bergmans has learned that most people are interested in how their money can be managed to improve the quality of life for themselves and their loved ones. He has also realized that when clients face their own mortality, many also want to explore a dream of leaving behind a memorable legacy that will have a continuing influence on their community or the world around them.

Professional advisors can help to guide people towards having enough to live comfortably, and support their loved ones during life and after they’re gone. They can also help their clients to make caring gifts to support their favourite charitable causes and be a lasting force for positive change.

In Ripple Effect: Growing your business with insurance and philanthropy, Bergmans and co-author Marlena McCarthy explore the use of life insurance and other insurance products as a tool for generous charitable giving.

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