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Who we are

Welcome to Solutions for Aging.

We are financial advisors for Seniors. We created The Life Advocate Program™. The program helps you manage the health and financial needs of an aging person. It also helps you avoid The No-Blueprint Trap™.

Benefits of working with us.

  • Save time and money
  • Have peace of mind
  • Integrated blueprint
  • Will get the care you really need

Our Founder

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Nathan T. Kupusa BA, EPC, CEA


Nathan T. Kupusa has been working as an advisor since graduating from Brock University in 1997 and a member of Elder Planning Counsellors (EPC) since 2007.  He has been a keynote speaker for Canadian Institute of Elder Planning Studies, featured in Money Sense Magazine, Investment Executive & maintains a strong relationship with the Canadian Association of Retired People (CARP Halton).

He believes that older clients require an entirely different approach to financial planning – one that incorporates health & lifestyle in addition to finances.

Solutions for Aging is the first of its kind in Canada and has helped hundreds of clients.  They have  a dedicated team of advisors who specialize in the fastest growing segment of the population, Seniors, Boomers, and Caregivers.


What we offer


Basic service provides you with access to financial products..

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The Advanced Program is The Life Advocate Program™…

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“A Revolutionary and Personalized Approach to Planning. Solutions are Unbiased and Integrate Two Very Important Priorities for Families – Health & Wealth”


The SFA team helped tremendously.  My aging parents had very complex housing issues when their health began changing.  SFA provided practical simple solutions and advocated on my families behalf in a very emotional time for us.  The ‘Health & Wealth’ process makes sense.  It shed light on our finances & gave us guaranteed solutions so our family wouldn’t run out of money at this stage of life.  It helped us prepare for unexpected health concerns.  SFA will be an advocate for your family too.  We highly recommend them.

This has been the most emotional time in our lives and thankfully we were referred to Solutions for Aging by a friend.  Dads health was changing and he was moving into a long term care facility.  Our family was overwhelmed.  We were concerned about his care, unsure about his finances and didn’t know where to start.  Our initial consultation was a great stress reliever.  We were given a blueprint of what to expect and acquired an advocate for our family.  We highly recommend them and have already done so! If you are a Canadian senior or have aging parents…this is the place for you.